Bandwidth change in configured servers with VPN service
Daniella Coleman
October 1, 2021
Updated October 4, 2022

Update for Serverspace partners

Serverspace expands the list of marketing tools for its partners. Branded advertising banners in popular resolutions are now available to partner program participants.

The advertising banners are made in isometric style and visually retain brand recognition. We took all the recommendations for positioning elements by graphic design specialists into account to ensure the most effective perception.

You can find the banners in the control panel in the "Partners" section. You can apply them in web interfaces as ready-made code, which already contains a referral link. In addition, personal referral links and sending invitations to referrals' emails directly from the control panel are still available to partners.

To become a partner of Serverspace, register in the control panel. You will get a personal referral link immediately after the registration.

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