The DNS section update: new interface and PTR records

There is a slight but pleasant upgrade of the control panel: we have updated the DNS hosting services section — now you can edit PTR records. We have also changed the section interface according to the new Serverspace design concept. It is easy to use, functional and doesn’t require any unnecessary steps — all the actions can be performed in just a few clicks.

When you click on the «Add domain» button on the welcome screen, you get straight to the interface. Here, you can instantly add a domain and perform its DNS records migration. The process is fully automated. Thanks to a special progress bar you can track the stages of the process. Once the process of adding the domain is completed, you can create, edit, and delete records for the selected domain right away.

In addition, all our clients receive a completely free service: when they add the domain, they can use NS Serverspace servers for free by default. There is also no need to pay for editing DNS records.

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