Serverspace Technologies in the UAE: Launch of Falconcloud
Andrew Monsoon
April 24, 2024
Updated April 24, 2024

Serverspace Technologies in the UAE: Launch of Falconcloud


Serverspace Technologies has now reached the Middle East, with our colleagues in the UAE announcing the official launch of Falconcloud. Users conducting business in this region can now pay for services in Dirhams (AED) through banks in the United Arab Emirates. meets all quality standards set by Serverspace and offers the same range of services already available on the control panel. The provider enables the deployment of cloud infrastructure using enterprise equipment at various locations worldwide. Additionally, users can rent extra cloud services for IT projects, including pre-installed applications, DNS, CDN, and developer tools.

The Middle East is a region experiencing rapid economic growth with significant potential. Companies operating in the UAE market face the challenge of efficiently managing, processing, and storing large volumes of data. This has led to an increasing reliance on IaaS providers. Cloud technologies offer scalable and flexible infrastructure, allowing organizations to tailor their computing resources to current project needs. This contributes to market expansion as more companies recognize the benefits of cloud solutions.

" is a brand that will leverage Serverspace's expertise to penetrate the Middle East market. The UAE has many small and medium-sized enterprises focused on adopting cloud technologies, as well as a substantial community of worldwide entrepreneurs in need of infrastructure. The UAE also offers favorable business conditions: moderate competition, attractive tax rates, a welcoming attitude towards foreign professionals, and widespread use of English. The development of a local provider will enable users doing business in the Middle East to deploy cloud infrastructure in a format that suits them", says Nikolay Lushnikov, Branch Director of Falconcloud.

Details about Falconcloud:

  • The English website is available at
  • Registration and control panel access:
  • Technical support is available through chat on the website, in the control panel's "Support" section, or by phone at +971 58 262 9713.
  • Currency: UAE Dirham.
  • Payments are accepted from UAE bank cards.

Serverspace's presence in various countries:

Serverspace is an international cloud provider offering services for creating and working with virtual infrastructure. It provides automatic deployment of VPS servers with popular Linux and Windows Server operating systems, as well as domestic OS. Infrastructure can be created from anywhere in the world in just one minute. Open API, CLI, and Terraform tools are available for integrating client services.

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