Daniella Coleman
August 22, 2022
Updated August 24, 2022

New template for vStack cloud – Windows Server 2022

Serverspace has implemented a Windows Server 2022 Std template for creating vStack based VPS. This version provides new features for administration, increased security and enhanced work with the application platform.

The enhanced performance is supported by new network protocols and multi-layer security. HTTPS and TLS 1.3 protocols and Secure-core technology give better secure connection. SMB, implemented over QUIC, makes available safe file access. SMB traffic passes through a TLS tunnel, which eliminates data interception within the network.

Simplified Windows Container experience and application compatibility were provided with Kubernetes. The increased container image size allowed the OS to load 30% faster than the previous version.

What are the other features and functions?

  • Microsoft Edge substituted Internet Explorer. It was developed based on Chromium, which supports Microsoft's basic security measures.
  • The Windows Admin Center has the opportunity to report on the ongoing status of Secure-core features and enable these features.
  • The UDP protocol data channel peeks up the speed of the network connection to the OS's resources. UDP-based QUIC improves the productivity of the UDP protocol to the level of TCP.
  • The security of the embedded software is supported by two technologies DRTM and DMA. DRTM allows the system to safely transition to a secure and measured state, while DMA isolates access to system memory.
  • UEFI provides secure boot and guarantees protection against rootkit programs. Supports booting only firmware software and programs approved by the hardware manufacturer.
  • The new feature to self-adjust the storage recovery speed provides more control over data synchronization.

All OS updates are available at microsoft.com.

Standard support for the system will last until October 13, 2026; extended support will take 10 years from the release date.

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