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Andrew Monsoon
December 11, 2023
Updated December 11, 2023

A €100 Christmas Gift from Serverspace. Happy Holidays!

Christmas_2023 (1)

International cloud provider Serverspace announces a Christmas promotion. New users registered in the control panel will receive €100 bonus euros credited to their account. To receive the gift, users need to meet several conditions:

  • You are registering for the first time.
  • Your e-mail has a corporate-owned domain.
  • Your company is officially registered and has a website.
  • You have completed the company verification in the control panel.

How to complete the verification?

  1. Sign up in the control panel from December 11 to December 25, using an e-mail with a corporate-owned domain.
  2. Go to the "Christmas gift" tab and fill out the form by clicking the "Grab the gift" button.
  3. 100 bonus euros will be credited to new users during the promotion from December 11, 2023, to December 25, 2023, within 3 days after filling out the feedback form.

Conditions of the Christmas promotion:

  • Promotion period: from 12/11/2023 to 12/25/2023 (inclusive);
  • The Christmas promotion applies only to new users;
  • New users are those accounts registered for the first time between December 11 and December 25, 2023;
  • Bonuses are credited only to accounts registered using an e-mail with a corporate-owned domain;
  • To receive bonuses, new users must fill out the form via the link in the control panel, confirming that they work for an officially registered company with an active website;
  • Bonus euros are credited only to 1 project which is created automatically upon registration;
  • Unused bonus dollars expire on 01/31/2024 at 23:59.

And what about the gift for existing users?

We also have prepared a Christmas gift for existing users. It already awaits in the control panel.

To learn about the conditions for receiving it, stay tuned for our mailings and notifications in the control panel!

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