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Andrew Monsoon
December 29, 2023
Updated December 29, 2023

Serverspace 2023 Recap

Serverspace 2023 Recap

We have disclosed achievements for 2023, highlighting worldwide expansion, integrated cloud services, and plans for the upcoming year.

Worldwide expansion

2023 marks a breakthrough for Serverspace in terms of expanding its global presence. Throughout the year, we established offices in three countries worldwide: Kazakhstan, Turkey, and Canada. Additionally, we activated an additional cluster in Amsterdam, offering extended configurations with processors (CPU) of up to 32 cores. Also, a new cluster was introduced in Kazakhstan. Serverspace further expanded its geographically distributed infrastructure by placing equipment in Tier III data centers in Turkey (Star of Bosphorus) and Brazil (Equinix SP3).

"International expansion in the cloud technology market is an integral part of our growth process. Our goal is to possess a sufficient level of expertise to address the needs of local users in each country where Serverspace is present. In addition to a locally adapted control panel, we provide payment in national currencies and the option to rent cloud services based on local data centers. Currently, we aim to become a cloud provider accessible to local users in each country of our presence", said Svetlana Sharapova, Head of Serverspace

Integrated cloud services

In addition to geographical growth, Serverspace expanded its list of available services. Users in any country can now connect to the Content Delivery Network (CDN). This distributed network of servers, located at various geographical points, reduces response time, increases web page loading speed, and enhances SEO rankings. We also integrated new operating system families, Alma Linux (8.7, 9.1), connected VMware Cloud in Kazakhstan, and added new versions of existing systems to the control panel.

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Control Panel redesign and Updated Support Service

Another significant step forward for us was a redesign of the control panel and an acceleration of processing all requests in the technical support. Based on user experience analysis, the panel was improved and adapted for independent infrastructure management. Updated support service response standards (resolving any user issues within 30 minutes) make infrastructure management possible for clients with varying levels of understanding of cloud technologies.

Screenshot 2023-12-27 153912

"Alongside high-quality virtualization tools, a corresponding level of expertise in resolving emerging issues is crucial. We continuously work on improving the quality and speed of providing feedback", added Svetlana Sharapova

2024 Plans

We will continue the development in the international market, expanding the portfolio of cloud services for users worldwide and extending the geography of the data centers where equipment will be placed. Soon, Serverspace will place equipment in the UAE.

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