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February 13, 2023
Updated June 13, 2023

Installing Zabbix agent on Ubuntu

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 Installing Zabbix agent on Ubuntu

Zabbix agent is a program used for online monitoring of local machine resources and apps such as, but not limited to HDD, ram memory, processor statistics etc. let's look into installing it on Ubuntu.

Get the agent:

sudo apt-get install zabbix-agent

Za installed 1

After installing it we want to change it's settings. We can do it by going to /etc/zabbix/zabbix_agentd.conf. and editing some parameters. The ones we need are: Server= ServerActive= Hostname=

Za hostname 2

Za server 3

Za serveractive 4

Fill them according to commented examples.
Apply changes by:

sudo systemctl restart zabbix-agent

Let's see if it works.

sudo systemctl status zabbix-agent

Za running 5


We demonstrated to you how to get the agent installed and configured to work with your Zabbix server

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