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Boris Moore
October 24, 2022
Updated October 24, 2022


RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol) is a protocol developed by Microsoft for connecting remotely to Windows-based personal computers. The protocol uses port 3398 and can be changed in the settings of your system.

How it is used

Typically RDP is used for business and specifically to connect remotely to personal computers so that staff can do work remotely. RDP is also common at VDS companies because Windows servers can run a graphical shell and you must have a remote connection from the beginning so you do not have any problems setting up a new server.

Minimum requirements for RDP to work properly

  • Windows operating system version 7 and later
  • For servers, use Windows Server 2008 operating system version and later
  • On some builds of the Windows operating system - RDP must be initially configured
  • Good internet speed

RDP benefits include full interaction with a remote desktop, just as with your own personal computer.

An example of using the RDP protocol

Imagine that a co-worker needs to send an important file from a work computer which is in the office, but the co-worker has no physical access to the computer. The user has two ways of solving the problem: coming to the office and sending the file, or remotely connecting to the computer using the RDP protocol.

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