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Daniella Coleman
July 3, 2023
Updated July 3, 2023

Cloud provider Serverspace in Turkey

International cloud provider Serverspace continues development in the European region. It has successfully opened a local representative office in Turkey. Serverspace will actively develop the local provider and strive to achieve the same standards as local service providers.

The new representative office allows Turkish users to order various types of cloud services provided in the Serverspace control panel to manage their cloud infrastructure. The website and control panel have been adapted for Turkish customers, with the use of the Turkish language and the ability to accept payments through Turkish bank cards. In the control panel, users can select the specification of the virtual server using our flexible calculator, and the cost is displayed in Turkish Lira.

The ability to create virtual services is available in five data centers in Europe, North America, and CIS countries. Plans are underway to add locations in new regions of the world, including Turkey. Stay tuned for updates and news on our website.

Information about the representative office:

  • Website:;
  • Control Panel:;
  • Technical Support Phone: +90 212 900-35-36;
  • Currency: Turkish Lira, ₺;
  • Payment: Turkish bank cards.

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