Reserve copying

Reserve copying service is available for all virtual servers.

How it works

Reserve copying is performed once in a 24 hour period to a territorially remote disk array. Storage Depth parameter determines how long reserve copies will be kept (1, 2, 3 or 4 weeks). Copies older than chosen term will be automatically removed.

How to activate this service

When creating a new server, activation of reserve copying happens with the help of appropriate field and the choice of depth of storing the copies:

For already active server, you might activate the service in the Backup server menu, also specifying depth of keeping the copies:

Don’t forget to save the changes.

How to recover the server from the reserved copy

To recover the server from the reserved copy go to the Backup tab, then click on Recover from the copy and choose the method of server recovery:  Near or Over the top. In the first case, there will be a server duplicate created. In the second case, on the main server will be recovered chosen copy.

Choose the date for creation of reserved copy, which needs to be recovered.

When recovering Over the top, place a check mark in the additional field. Click on the Recover button.

How to disable the service

For disabling the service, go to the Backup tab, then click on the Schedule and click on Turn off button. Confirm your actions with clicking on the Change button:

Charges and Costs

The price of service is calculated with the following formula:
Z = G * S * (N / 7)

G stands for the price of service per 1 gigabyte, S stands for the total amount of all drives on the server, N is for the depth of storing the copies. The information about the current prices can always be found in the Billing tab of the ordered server.

The rules for charges: