Increasing disk space in FreeBSD 11/12

After disk size is increased on control panel, make it usable by OS.

Run terminal as root and enter the following commands.

Restore partition table:

gpart recover da0

The command output may look like this:

  • Option 1:

da0 recovering is not needed

Then restart server and begin with the first step of the guide. To restart the server, run the following command:

shutdown -r now

  • Option 2:

da0 recovered

Then proceed with this guide.

Create new partition:

gpart add -t freebsd-zfs -a 4k da0

The command will display the exact number of the partition that has been added. Note this number. From now on, let’s mark partition number with (##) symbols:

da0p(##) added

Add the new partition to zroot: pool, where (##) is the number of the partition created:

zpool add zroot da0p(##)

To view partition information:

gpart show -p