How to forward the printer through RDP

The instructions will help those who can’t start printing through Remote Desktop (RDP). You can configure yourself, for this you should:

Go to the settings for connecting to the remote desktop and check if the function of forwarding local resources to the server is set.

First, you need to find the RDP shortcut and right-click on it. In the context menu, find «Change.» In the window that opens, the third tab on the left will be “Local Resources”, they should have a checkmark in the “Printers” column.

The settings are finished for those printers that support Easy Print. Otherwise, the configuration continues.

In the case when the model is released without the support of Easy Print, you will additionally have to install drivers on the server.

Go to the server through the «Start». This is easy to do, just select the Server Manager application.

You need to go to the Roles tab to create another role.

A long list will open in the «Server Roles» column, as in the screenshot, in it you should select «Print Services», then click the «Next» button two times. Then click on the “Install” button and restart the server.

Go again to the «Manager», find the tab with the configuration and in it — local users. The groups have “Print Operators”, you need to add an administrator account to it.

The next step is to log off — log on.

Next, go to the official website of the company that released the printer and download the model drivers.

Unzip the archive.

Again, go to the «Manager», in the tab with the print servers and enter the nickname of the PC making the printer connection.

In the «Driver Name» must be listed as «Remote Desktop Easy Print».

Go again to the section with print servers, find the nickname of your PC and the column with the drivers. Right-click on them and click “Add”.

It is advisable to choose version 64.

To configure the installation to run from disk, click «Browse» and select the *.inf file.

Reboot the terminal server again.