Billing rules

You can calculate the cost of a required virtual server configuration by yourself using our configurator. Once the server is ordered, its cost is being gradually debited from your account on control panel. Such debiting occurs every 10 minutes.

If a virtual server is disabled in the control panel and is in Off status, then money shall only be debited for using HDD space and leasing additional licenses.

If your current balance drops below zero, all services will be automatically blocked, and money debiting from the account will stop. After you replenish your account, you will be able to resume using services.

Users that replenished their accounts at least once, will have the opportunity to recover a blocked service within two weeks from such blocking; the service will be automatically deleted upon expiration of this period.

For users that have never replenished their accounts, such service will be deleted on the next day after blocking.

Note: Our users have the opportunity to use services On Trust for a certain period.