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Daniil Fedorov
July 1, 2024
Updated July 1, 2024


SWIFT, also known as OpenStack Swift, is a distributed object storage system and one of the key components of the OpenStack platform. This system is designed for scalable and reliable storage of large volumes of unstructured data. Let's explore the key aspects of SWIFT:

Key Characteristics

- SWIFT is designed with the capability for easy horizontal scaling. This means that as data volumes grow, new servers can be added without causing disruptions to the system.

Architecture Resilience:
- Data is stored in multiple copies on different nodes within the cluster, ensuring high system resilience to failures. If one node becomes unavailable, the data remains accessible on other nodes.

Fault Tolerance:
- The system automatically handles data replication and recovery after failures, making it particularly reliable.

Access Management:
- SWIFT supports various access control mechanisms, including key-based authentication and integration with external authentication systems.

Key Components of SWIFT

Proxy Server:
- It processes client requests and directs them to the appropriate data storage servers. It also performs load balancing and user authentication functions.

Account Server, Container Server, and Object Server:
- These servers manage metadata of accounts, containers, and objects respectively, and are the components where the data is actually stored.

- A data structure that manages the distribution of objects within the cluster. It ensures load balancing and replication, guaranteeing that each object is stored on multiple physical nodes.

- Ensures data consistency by checking the relevance and updating all copies of an object.


SWIFT can be used for various tasks, such as:

  • Data archiving and backup.
  • Storing large volumes of multimedia files (videos, audio, images).
  • Logging and monitoring data storage.
  • Long-term storage of infrequently accessed data.

Advantages and Disadvantages


  • High scalability.
  • Resilience to failures and automatic data recovery.
  • Resource allocation is independent of application architecture (RESTful API).
  • Flexibility and ability to integrate with other OpenStack components.


  • Complexity of setup and management, particularly for inexperienced users.
  • Significant hardware requirements at large storage scales.

OpenStack Swift is offered as a powerful and reliable solution for cloud data storage, particularly suitable for organizations requiring high scalability and system resilience.

SWIFT and Serverspace

Our knowledge base contains numerous instructions on SWIFT.

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