Serverspace has became Free TON validator, launched DePool, and gives bonuses for TON Crystals holders

Amsterdam, the Netherlands — November 25, 2020 — Serverspace had passed “The Crystal Game” contest casting held by Free TON community. The company ended up in the Top Ten of validators who were first granted official access to Free TON blockchain platform network, and also received Magister Ludi honoring title.

Therefore, Serverspace team announces the DePool Serverspace.io launch, together with the loyalty program for TON Crystals cryptocurrency holders. From now on all DePool Serverspace.io stakers will be receiving 10% bonus from their remuneration; this bonus will be reflected on stakers’ balances of their Serverspace cloud accounts.

The majority of TON Crystals holders are the technical specialists in need for cloud resources, so the mentioned bonus will be an enjoyable addition to the habitual commision of DePool Serverspace.io stakers.

DePool Serverspace.io Access Information

tonos-cli Installation Manual

The entire DePool list is available at depools.extraton.io.