Let’s meet object storage

Object storage — is a new service we offer. It lets you store data of any type and size in a secure cloud: including video surveillance systems files, image banks, and corporate document archives, as well as static website data and backups.

«We work with Swift and S3 interfaces. They offer the most popular standard to object storage access. Thus we can provide all the applications and services, which are compatible with the interfaces above, with easy access to the files in object storage. This is exactly what the end customer needs», — says Konstantin Kudryashov, Executive Manager at Serverspace.

Data storage and data replication are distributed across hardware resources as well as geographic zones. This makes Serverspace object storage the most reliable service for placing files. Unlimited scalability and capacity let businesses of any size to quickly deploy public and private data storage systems.

At the same time, users pay only for the amount of data stored in the cloud and the outgoing traffic that is used when downloading files.

The more data stored on the server and the more outgoing traffic is used, the less you pay for 1 GB.

Also, when you top up your account balance of € 100 or more, you get 10% of the deposit amount.