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April 26, 2024
Updated April 26, 2024

How to reboot a server in the Serverspace control panel

Control panel FAQ

In the Serverspace control panel, the user can reboot the server in two ways: by power and by operating system means.

How to reboot the server

In order to reboot the server you should go to its menu -> Actions -> Power and click on the Restart button:

Action menu reboot of the server 1

A context menu will open, where you will be offered to reboot the server by  Soft reboot (means of the operating system) or to reboot the server by  Hard reboot (power supply):

Soft reboot 2

Warning! Power rebooting the server may result in loss of unsaved data on the server. Serverspace team strongly recommends to reboot the server by means of the operating system (Soft reboot).

Hard reboot 3

The server reboot process will begin:
Process of rebooting 4

After that, the server will be ready to go!
Rebooted server 5

Additional way to reboot the server

You can also restart the server using the drop-down menu in the server menu:

Additional way to reboot server 6


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