How to recovery root password

To restore the root password, select the current server:

Go to the Recovery tab and select Boot from the recovery image:

Confirm by clicking Confirm.

Go to the Actions tab and restart the server Restart button:

After restarting, open the Web console.

Select the first item *Boot SystemRescueCd using default option:

Once in the console, we find out on which disk partition the system is located with the fdisk -l command.

In this case, it is /dev/vda2

Create a temporary folder for our system mkdir /tmp/reset

Mount the system to the created folder mount /dev/vda2 /tmp/reset

Change the root system to our system chroot /tmp/reset

Calling the root password change with the passwd command.

Enter and confirm the new password. PAY ATTENTION: When entering a password the password characters are not displayed but are still entered!

Reboot the VM with the reboot command.

By analogy with point 2 go to the control panel of the required server and change the boot method to Boot from system volume and confirm.

By analogy with point 4 Restart the server.

Log in with a new password.