Serverspace White Label

Ready-to-use cloud platform under your brand name without CAPEX or R&D investment.

Your Brand, Our Cloud

You get fully supported cloud service that’s made by Serverspace but sold by you.

High Profitability
Profitability for the Partner up to 30% from each payment.
Operational expenses at launch are minimal and pay off in no time at all.
Short TTM
Average time-to-market is less than 1 month.

Cloud Computing Market Continues to Grow

Gartner analytical agency predicts the world cloud services market will grow 18,4% in 2021.

Cloud Services
As per analytics, the growth will be approx. $50B in comparison to 2020.
IaaS market capitalization in 2021 will reach $1.9B; in 2022 — $2.5B.
Cloud Market
Agency expects growth in industry to be sustained through 2024.

What You Get

Click‘n’Buy Platform

Serverspace IaaS platform is the fully automated solution. A customer only needs to register at the administration panel, where it can independently control the infrastructure.

Updates by R&D Department

Serverspace developers and engineers update the IaaS platform regularly, adding new functions and expanding customers’ possibilities. Updates are automated, no partner’s participation required.

Multilingual Customers Support

All technical questions and issues Serverspace solves with its own 24/7 support team.

What We Provide

As a product

For You

  • Administration Panel
  • Partner API
  • Postpaid Billing
  • Possibility to add your own locations and earn from this even more
As a product

For Your Customers

  • Cloud Servers, Virtual Private Cloud
  • Block Storage, Object Storage
  • Private Networks, Direct Connect, DNS, SSL
  • API, CLI, Monitoring
  • Managed Service

White Label Best Fits

Whom do we see as primary Partners.

Telecom Operators

Profitability of the traditional telco decreases; operators are in search of newer revenue streams that are not directly connected to telecommunications. Serverspace White Label allows services portfolio expansion via selling an automated cloud infrastructure from the reliable provider. Partners receive ready-made service and can sell Serverspace’s IaaS under their own brands.

Data Centers

Data centers offer additional services, not directly connected to physical placement of equipment on their premises, ever more often. The accent is made on ready-to-use cloud solutions. Nevertheless, to maintain cloud service operations, the expertise, the team and the experience are needed at least. All this is available momentarily and with no expenses, when you obtain Serverspace White Label.

Internet Service Providers

ISPs are also forced to consider ways of their customer bases expansion, including B2B segment penetration. As the cloud services market looks perspective, ISPs can attract new customers and raise their own profits. Wherein Serverspace platform launch does not require large financial and technical expenses.


Serverspace White Label is the great opportunity for integrators to expand their expertise to the IaaS providers’ level. Among the integrators’ assets are: high level of technical expertise and B2B sales experience. This significantly lowers the cloud business entrance threshold, if you’re becoming the Serverspace Partner.

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