Black Friday & Cyber Monday

25-28 November 50% bonus on the first
refill balance for the new customers.

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How to get a Black Friday
& Cyber Monday bonus?

Sign up

Log in the control panel and click
"Refill balance" button.

Get Money
Enter promo code

Activate promo code: HOTBFDEALSSS
in the "Promo Code" tab.

Refill balance

Refill balance for the required amount
of money and get a 50% bonus.

Black Friday & Cyber Monday terms at Serverspace

Only new customers who registered for the first time can get a 50% bonus on VPS/VDS using promo code HOTBFDEALSSS. It will be given as a one-time bonus on your first refill balance.
The promotion is valid 25-28 November, 2022.

Our VPS/VDS are suitable
for all tasks

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Host your projects in Serverspace cloud and increase online sales. We will help maintain high performance of your platform even at peak loads. Improve the speed of work and increase the quality of customer service.

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Application development

Extend the capabilities of your application by hosting your development infrastructure in Serverspace cloud. You'll get scalable VMs, the ability to configure an isolated or public network, set up an edge gateways, or use unlimited storage with autoscaling.

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Live streaming

Deploy a scalable infrastructure for uninterrupted live streaming in Serverspace cloud. Organize large online events, hold large-scale presentations and video conferences.

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Deploy a secure infrastructure for distance education, research projects, and automation of learning processes in the Serverspace cloud.

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Technical features of our servers

Resilient Fast
High performance

The latest Intel processors and fast SSD drives provide high speed processing of large data sets.

User-frindly interface

Allocate resources, track costs, and manage your infrastructure from a single control panel.

High-Availability (HA)

If a hardware host fails, the servers are automatically restarted on another host.

Easy scaling

The amount of CPU, RAM, disk space and bandwidth of VPS can be increased at any time.

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When does Black Friday start at Serverspace?

The official start of Black Friday at Serverspace is 25 of November, 2022.

When does Black Friday end at Serverspace?

The ability to refill balance with a bonus ends on Cyber Monday, November 28, 2022 at midnight.

How to activate a promo code?

To activate a promo code for VPS on Black Friday, you need to:

  • go to the control panel on the refill balance page;
  • go to the "Promo code" tab;
  • enter a promo code in the input field and click on "Activate promo code"


How to find out if a promo code is activated?

After entering a promo code, you should see a text below the text input field confirming that you successfully activated the promo code. There will also be the conditions of this promo code.

What should you do if you get an error when activating a promotion code?

Check that:

  • you comply with all the promotion terms;
  • the promotion has not expired;
  • most of the promotions are for new users registered for the first time.

Note: a promo code works only for one project, so the balance refills of the same project for which you have activated the promo code.

Who can participate in Black Friday & Cyber Monday?

Only new users registered for the first time can use a promo code for Black Friday & Cyber Monday at Serverspace.

Need support?

If you need advice from a technician, log in to the control panel and create a support ticket.

Some of our clients reviews

“We were searching for a reliable cloud hosting for our project to scale up. We chose Serverspace. All servers with top-notch hardware. You can configure it according to your tasks, set your own OS, it also lets you create your own internal Gigabit VLAN. In general, we are happy with it since the very beginning.”
“I am very happy with everything. I use a cloud server and object storage. The server easily withstands demand loads of even 10K unique users and 50K number of clicks per day. SSDs are really fast, the processor is fair. We have never run into performance limitations. The best price/quality ratio.”
“Before I switched providers from one to another but there weren't suitable providers. Finally, I found Serverspace and have been using its servers for 4 months. There are no such cheap virtual private servers with high network speed. Until now I haven't faced any issue with my servers.   Server creation is very fast and hourly pay really fits me. I really love the service from Serverspace. Thank you very much Serverspace.”
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Reviews 1029
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